With a blend of business and technical expertise, we offer tailor-made solutions for every project our clients entrust us with.
iOS Development
We always stay on top of the most innovative and reliable technologies. Our team is a strong supporter of SWIFT and OBJECTIVE C programming languages when building native iOS applications.
Android Development
We make use of Java and Kotlin languages for Android native development and ensure the launch of fast and responsive mobile apps on Google Play.
Cross-Platform Development
Being focused on delivering fast high-quality results, React Native and Flutter are those proven technologies that we use for the majority of our projects.
Web Development
Our web development team is here to help you overhaul, redesign, or build your website from scratch. We leverage relevant tech stack as React Js and Angular for the frontend and Node Js for the backend to provide you with the desired outcome.
UI/UX Design
To create a user-friendly design our team chooses the best solutions. We provide the client with the prototypes to outline the prior picture. On receiving feedback we improve the product and make sure the result exceeds the client’s expectations.
Project Management
To every project we apply principles of the agile development. Depending on the client’s requirements we compose a suitable team, create a feasible project plan and schedule, accurately allocate tasks among all team members, and ensure that everything runs smoothly during the whole development cycle.

How do we work

Defining a tech stack
The choice of the technology set for each project depends on the desired features. For projects that require complex animations or audio and video integrations, we would recommend going for native development. Otherwise, if the functionality is simpler then cross-platform development would be a better option.

Creating wireframes/UI

Once we have a clear picture of the project in mind and know our development path, it is time to create wireframes. This is a prior schematic overview of the future app or website, that helps developers to start work right away even before the final design is ready.

Project planning

On the stage of planning a project, we outline a roadmap and compile a structured diagram based on the key features of the project to clearly define the exact steps in the development process. After that, we compose a precise set of tasks for each team member on the Scrum boards.

Outlining project roadmap

This step is in a way coherent with the project planning. The roadmap conveys an overall vision of the project: its end goal, principal features, target audience, possible risks, and development strategy. When everyone on the team easily understands the project roadmap, the work and communication run smoothly.

Project estimation

In order to provide the client with an accurate and final estimate of the project in terms of time and budget, we need to go through all the steps mentioned previously.