Discovery Phase
  • Why do you need it?
    We want you to get a viable app from a business perspective, in the first place. At this point, we’ll define your business and marketing goals, targeting user bases, feature lists, etc. We’ll also get clarity on app design and development and the total cost. We don’t want to make mistakes at your expense, so we make sure your tech solution is developed the right way from the very beginning.
  • Our process
    At IvorySoft, the Discovery phase comprises the solution’s schedule that outlines the overall cost estimates and all significant milestones.
Steps are included in Discovery Phase in IvorySoft
  • 1. Idea analysis
    The client comes with the problem, and we dive into the very essence of it. We discuss the entire concept and figure out its business and technical feasibility. The technical part suggests drawing the system requirements specification. The document describes the project, objectives, possible technology stack, features, and architecture overview. We examine it closely and offer corrections before the validation.
  • 2. Market research
    The team identifies key target markets and audiences, conducts competitive research, and finds similar solutions on the market. We make a list of the competition and learn about their products. Additionally, this process can include studying users’ feedback on competitors’ solutions and finding areas for improvement. This stage helps us offer an efficient, cost-effective, and competitive solution.
  • 3. Moodboard
    At this point, we collect all the information that the company needs to execute on the project, work on requirements, or visual design of future software. The moodboard includes colors, graphics, and typography as well as comprises the company’s values, ideal customer and potential experiences, client’s mojo or signature, and product’s effect. We can modify it throughout the process.
  • 4. Technology and development tools
    Based on an existing problem or task, we choose the technology stack. We define the technical architecture and solution infrastructure to perform well and sustainably. Usually, we make sure that the chosen set of tools will ensure the viability and competitiveness of the product, its scalability, and further maintenance.
Business Analysis
  • Why do you need it?
    At this point, we study business problems, identify improvement potentials, and offer feasible solutions. It prevents building worthless software and maximizes the value delivered by the company to stakeholders.
BA process includes:
  • Working out requirements
    This phase suggests researching and elicitating requirements for the project from stakeholders, users, and customers.
  • Requirements planning and management
    The team outlines the tasks and resources related to the planning and management of requirements.
  • Requirements review and documentation
    This phase defines how all the involved need to examine, structure, and specify the design and execution of a solution.
  • Sharing of requirements
    The stage suggests a set of activities to convey the results of the requirements analysis. Every requirement needs to be presented, evaluated, and approved before the project’s execution.
  • Product development and validation
    A solution needs to be able to scale up and, this way, meet the needs of business and stakeholders’ objectives.
UI/UX Design
  • Why and how IvorySoft perform the best result in UI/UX Design?
    We help companies communicate their image, present their brand, and surpass user expectations with top-notch UX/UX design services.
  • Our process
    We create authentic and customer-oriented positioning to amaze, engage, and inspire trust. With a full range of UI/UX services, we create an outstanding user experience and work out powerful retention strategies.
Our main approaches to UI/UX design:
  • 1. Identifying the strategy
    With the help of design, we aim to understand the problem and its very essence and improve the use through users’ feedback and interaction with the design
  • 2. Conducting research
    We do our homework and study competitors and the market, check usability, perform A / B testing, and draw insightful conclusions.
  • 3. Leaning on deep analysis
    After collecting the data, the team delves into the analysis results and concludes if they identified correctly the client’s problem.
  • 4. Outlining an idea
    We draw up a mood board based on analysis and internal sensations, idle wireframes so that the client chooses the best option for themselves
  • 5. Designing the prototype
    The team develops the first UX prototype with all functionality and marketing factors, adds improvements to finally validates the initial business idea
  • 6. Implementing the product
    We forward the design to developers after technically assembling it at the highest level. When questions arise, the design team is immediately there for engineers
Web Development
  • Why and how IvorySoft performs the best result in web development?
    We devise intuitive and impactful web applications that comprehend your industry specifics and target audience’s needs to help you reach your business goals.
  • Our process
    Our tech-savvy professionals create web applications, prioritizing the context and needs of end-users. Start-up, small or medium business, we aim to turn our solutions into your growth enablers.
Step-by-step process of web development in Ivorysoft
  • 1. Consultancy on efficient MVP product development
    To get your venture off the ground, we can determine timeframes, milestones, and competencies necessary for your Product Engineering.
  • 2. Picking the most optimal tech stack
    Having excellent technical and architectural experience, we form the stack that addresses the product’s peculiarities and makes it viable and competitive.
  • 3. Prototyping
    After making the previous steps, we can quickly model the UX/UI for the Web app and follow up with rapid prototyping based on your trialing and feedback.
  • 4. Web Engineering
    We get fully involved and start working on your Web solution. Don’t worry, you’ll get regular reports on the project progress every step of the way!
  • 5. CI/CD
    We make sure the new feature development and deployment process are efficient by using the optimal set of DevOps technologies.
  • 6. Code Quality Assurance
    At this stage, we are meticulously after code quality scanning in terms of consistency, reliability, and maintenance. We find and fix bugs and eliminate any vulnerabilities.
  • 7. Further maintenance
    We provide regular check-ups to monitor the health of our web solution and keep your business running smoothly. We offer support packages for every case scenario.
Mobile Development
  • Why and how IvorySoft perform the best result in mobile development
    IvorySoft delivers impactful solutions for each industry through award-winning apps across a large user base. We create an unforgettable user experience to spur your brand’s growth.
  • Our process
    Our recognized experts in mobile app development create five-star mobile applications for start-ups, small or medium businesses. We’ll help you grow brand engagement with fast, intuitive, and interactive mobile apps
Step-by-step process of mobile development in IvorySoft
  • 1. Consultancy on efficient MVP product development
    To get started successfully, we can specify timeframes, milestones, and competencies necessary for your Product Engineering
  • 2. Picking the most optimal tech stack
    Having profound technical and architectural expertise, we form the stack that addresses the product’s specifics and makes it viable and competitive
  • 3. App Engineering
    To get started successfully, we can specify timeframes, milestones, and competencies necessary for your Product Engineering
  • 4. CI/CD
    By opting for the best set of DevOps technologies, we ensure that the new feature development and deployment process are effective
  • 5. Code Quality Assurance
    At this point, we closely examine code quality in terms of consistency, reliability, and maintenance. We spot and fix errors and eliminate possible vulnerabilities
  • 6. Further maintenance
    You’re never left afterward as we continue to assist you with our app solution by monitoring its health. We offer support packages for every case scenario.
Quality Control
  • Why do you need it?
    At this stage, we fix bugs, issues, and flaws in development and make sure that the product corresponds to the requirements and specifications. QC makes sure the development process is smooth and productive, which adds to delivering a high-quality product for the client.
At IvorySoft, the QC team performs both functional and non-functional testing:
  • Regression testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • Release Testing
  • GUI Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Localization testing
The process:
Based on a classic Agile Software Testing Life Cycle, we do the following:
  • 1. Requirement examination
    The team learns the Business Requirement Specification document from a testing perspective. This way, we understand whether the requirements are testable or not.
  • 2. Test planning
    We conclude on the effort and cost estimates for the whole project. The team prepares the Test Plan according to requirements analysis, assigns responsibilities, and picks tools at this stage.
  • 3. Design testing
    At this stage, the development of test cases begins. The testers prep test cases, test scenarios, and test data. The team works out the Requirement Traceability Matrix. It helps monitor whether the requirements are met.
  • 4. Test Environment Setup
    The test environment is configured based on a list of hardware and software requirements.
  • 5. Test procedures
    Based on the prepared test cases, the test team starts performing the test cases. Then, they forward the detect report to the Development team. When the defect is fixed, they can do retesting.
  • 6. Test closure
    The team generates testing reports for the client. It’s a so-called test Closure Report, describing our work and performance, and recapping the outcomes.
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