Mobile App for Education Certificates Management
Secure mobile app to store all your educational background in one place.
Save your certificates and all details in one place, share them safely with prospective employers, state institutions, or any third parties, and simply enjoy the convenience of ordered and robust data storage.
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    Completed project
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    Mobile app development
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    React Native / React-native-touch-id / React-redux / Redux-Sagas
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    Make all the educational background data kept in one place and available at any time
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    Create a mobile app that saves and stores safely certificates and diplomas
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    Build the logic that checks the legitimacy of documents in seconds
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    Help users share any document quickly and securely
“Massachusetts Institute of Technology went digital with diplomas, and we’re happy to be a part of it!”
Artem Tkachuk, IvorySoft CEO
Blockchain-based mobile app to keep all academic and professional documents right in one’s pocket
Initially a web project, Credential Wallet turned into a secure, encryption-based mobile app. It came as a solution to plastic diplomas or any other certificates. Users can group documents in folders and share with anyone safely them by email. It works by the principle of blockchain - a decentralized public ledger - where data are available to everyone. Credential Wallet has a robust system of documents’ validation.
Personas definition
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Based on our user research, we created potential users’ persona to understand their needs. Meet John Smith, a recruiter from LPL Financial. He’s hiring graduates from MIT and needs to check if this guy - Jack Johnson - did really have the diploma and it’s legitimate.
Jack Johnson opens the app, finds the needed diploma, and sends the QR-code to a potential recruiter. While John Smith is following the code, the system is already having a 3-step check process to confirm or vice versa - deny the legitimacy of the document:
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    validation from the signature party - the one who provided signature
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    validation from the organization issued the document; also, whether it is licensed to issue such docs
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    check from the blockchain system
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Once all of them are accomplished successfully, the legitimacy is confirmed. Now, Kate Smith knows that Jack Johnson is not a fraud. It took 2 minutes for the graduate to send the link to a potential recruiter and prove his educational qualification for the job.
relief for recruiter
Problems solved:
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    Chaotic and unreliable storage of diplomas and certificates
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    Unauthorized access and modification of user’s documentation
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    The procedures with certificates are time-consuming
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    Difficulties with keeping the certificates in the appropriate order
Solutions provided:
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    FaceID & TouchID & PinCode for identity verification
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    Secure data encryption through libraries to ensure the secure storage of user’s data
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    Efficient management of diplomas, file backups for future use
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    Group certificates according to education centers for instant access
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    Intuitive UI/UX and sleek navigation for user convenience
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    When it’s about personal information, security is king - we made it for 100%
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    Solid verification system prevents fraud and saves time immensely
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    Quick access and sharing of any document
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    Increased user convenience
Just for fun…
man from tv
Do you remember Mike Ross from the “Suits” TV series? He pretended to be a Harvard Law School graduate and had been working ‘under cover’ for years! With Credential Wallet, that would be impossible!
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