Desktop App to measure the efficiency of marketing budget allocation, region-based, activity-, and timeline-oriented

Sign in, set up campaigns, add activities, plan funds and their distribution, stick to deadlines - and increase sales in a particular region. Make accurate analytics work for your business!
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  • Industry:Retail, marketing
  • Timeline:Ongoing project
  • Work in progress:AI feature that will recommend campaigns based on sales statistics
  • Type of project:Desktop app development

“Newton is just the right name for this tool as it discovers what marketers need to know in the first place - how funds are planned, distributed, and spent, which is pivotal for marketing ROI”

Viktoria Hrabliauskaite, IvorySoft COO

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  • Create a desktop application that helps see marketing funds allocation, in the first place
  • Deliver the solution to marketing departments that plan promotions and their budgeting
  • Deliver the solution to marketing Dpts that are accountable to the FAANG company
  • Help teams make promo campaigns more strategic, intentional, and on-point
  • Help drive revenue and increase ROI from marketing campaigns
Ultimate desktop application for funds allocation planning and accurate analytics
Newton is the tool that allows marketers to plan campaigns and their budgeting, add relevant activities, and follow the fund distribution. It also helps get insights into the ‘most profitable regions’, see the ROI, and allocate funds to where it makes sense the most in terms of revenue.
From the FAANG company’s perspective (which represents an allocator), it’s a great way to keep track of money granted, get data and accurate analytics that would drive smart decision making and strategic funding.
Meet Mob, a marketing agency that sells the FAANG company’s products in Germany and plans campaigns throughout the year with a quarter-based timeline.
Now, what opportunities does it provide here?
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Desktop app development

Mob signs in to Newton and sets a campaign/campaigns for a year

Each quarter suggests related activities (i.e. social media campaigns, etc.)

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Desktop app development

The built-in board will contain the spend for each particular campaign, all spend, and calendar for every activity

Managers can change the sums planned for this or that particular period if it makes sense

“Newton is an insightful and centralized source of information on how funds are spent on that specific promo activity, within a certain period of time, in a particular location. It’s a kind of ‘tell-all tool’ that both the FAANG company’s reps and marketing managers need for an efficient collaboration”

Viktoria Hrabliauskaite, IvorySoft COO

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