• IndustrySports, Fitness, Coaching
  • Type of projectMobile app development
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Ultimate Sports Management App For Effective Relationship Between Coaches & Athletes

  • For coachesProvide custom workouts, track sports performance, chat in real-time, and monetize on your expertise!
  • For athletesSet sports goals and achieve them with professional support, increase your athlete self-awareness, and enjoy clubs of similar enthusiasts!
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  1. Create a mob web app for efficient interaction among coaches and athletes in real-time
  2. Automate and digitize all manual processes for great user convenience and satisfaction
  3. Synchronize with supported devices for even better performance
  4. Drive athletes’ engagement and coaches’ expertise realization
Sports Management App that unites coaches and athletes for an effective interaction
“If the coach-athlete relationship is in sync, successful outcomes can be accomplished”
GoHeja! is an application that builds the bridge between athletes willing to do any kind of sports, fitness - you name it - more efficiently and coaches willing to share expertise and monetize on it. Athletes get safety and support in real-time, identify their strengths and limitations, set goals and achieve them. Coaches expand customer networks, build new communities, get money for what they love - and simply make people happy!
For athletes
The Solution:
  1. 1
    Multifunctional real-time coach-athlete chat
    Listen to your coach recommendations through chatting, access to live sessions, audio/video broadcasts, ask for feedback based on your recent workout, get diet tips - everything that the science of running might include!
  2. 2
    Dashboard that tells everything
    Set goals and let the system lead you within this framework, set comfort zones and get notified once you cross them (f.ex., 4.2 miles per day, no less), find out heart rates, power, pace, and other metrics.
  3. 3
    Membership in clubs with like-minded enthusiasts
    Join a club and get the support and knowledge you need. Share your experience and ask for feedback. Network effectively and get power and motivation to your goals.
  4. 4
    Digital Workout journal and roadmap
    Review places on the map where you ran, logs about last week's workouts or running sessions - all the details you need to understand how you behave! Check an agenda calendar for all workouts even done, create your own workout, and plan them wisely.
  • access to relevant shops (f.ex., protein online store)
  • subscription notifications
  • synchronization with other supported devices for better performance like a smartwatch
  • access to all relevant future events
Brownie points
For coaches
The Solution:
  1. 1
    Platform for your expertise monetization
    Create clubs, attract people who will learn from you, and expand your circle of influence. Offer subscription plans for athletes and manage them. Bill for any piece of advice you provide and let your knowledge work for you.
  2. 2
    Innovative way to guide athletes smartly
    Create custom workouts for individuals or general ones for mass distribution in a club, chat in real-time and give feedback, check athletes’ rates to identify performance - and all of that in a safe training environment!
  3. 3
    Efficient support system for athletes
    Boost the athlete’s performance factor by providing real-time support via a chat, monitor workouts, guide with live sessions, video and audio podcasts, deliver current performance analysis and further consulting, provide roadmaps of how to get from A to B.
  • set up your own online shop to provide additional value to your professional mentorship and get more financial benefits
Brownie points
  1. Discover phase
  2. Innovative mobile app for mentoring athletes and sharing expertise from any part of the world
  3. All manual work is digitized and automated
  4. Increased user convenience
  5. All devices are synchronized for the best possible performance
  6. A win-win situation for all participants
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