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Your go-to wellness app to help you ‘master health science’ and adopt champion habits

  • Industry:

    Healthcare, Wellness

  • Type of project:

    Mobile app development

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“Great delivery on a healthcare project. The guys know the drill when it’s about developing software for this area!”

MasterHealth Inc. Founder, Josh Sookman


  1. 1

    Create a scalable mobile app that builds the bridge between health experts and people in real-time

  2. 2

    Build a robust architecture that scales up as far as the project evolves

  3. 3

    Create insane animations to ensure an amazing user experience

  4. 4

    Drive people’s engagement and coaches’ expertise realization

The problem’s description:

MasterHealth got into a difficult situation with a previous development firm. They did not execute on the tasks previously outlined and their further developments came out against what was already written. The client also faced a bad quality of coding and consequently bad performance. The Ivorysoft pros dived into the project and made a list of what this firm needed to fix and improve. They helped with some bugs, architecture and scalability features. The product also suggested a pretty difficult animation that the guys from IvorySoft tackled perfectly well.


The best interactive personalized coaching app that unites health experts and people who pursue health goals

MasterHealth is an application providing custom mobile programs that help stick to healthy diets and wellness routines. It uses the principles of behavior change psychology, motivation, social accountability, and data science. As far as the community grows (doctors, health experts, and ordinary participants), the app scales up and delivers more opportunities to all involved.

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    Lori, 34-year-old is a nurse in the hospital having night shifts and, as a result, - unhealthy snacks, overweight, and sleep disorders.

    “I skip meals during the day because I don’t want to eat at that time and get hungry at midnight. This hectic lifestyle made me look for something that provides a ‘particular scenario’ to my well… not an ordinary lifestyle. So, I found Dr. Wahls’ diet and got my personalized action plan”.

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    Mike, 27-year-old, is an IT guy with a sedentary lifestyle

    “I noticed I would have acid reflux every time I ate cereals in the morning. So, to me, Julie Daniluk’s “Healing Inflammation” program was a godsend. I figured out my red light foods, cut them off from my daily diet, and things got better”.

MasterHealth app’s features

  1. 1

    Access to a custom program after a subscription

    Users get a flexible way of paying for the program that works best for their current needs. Whether it’s “How to be well” program or “Healing inflammation” one - it’s a godsend for those willing to keep fit in the most comfortable way.

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  2. 2

    Thought-through program containing customized features promising the best results

    The system is tailored to diverse health journeys users might have. Whatever the problem is - reducing the brain for or just limiting chronic health issues, the programs and built-in features can help with it.

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  3. 3

    Exclusive videos and Integrated coaching, Digital journaling shareable with a coach and pod

    Explainer videos and effective coaching ensure users’ progress, journaling for recording progress and asking for advice with a coach and a pod - all of that serves a sacred mission: to help users achieve their goals.

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  4. 4

    Ability to track progress and check the statistics

    Backed by behavioral science, the app allows tracking health metrics, such as body weight logging, energy levels, mental clarity, sleep quality, pain or discomfort, and many more. Habit tracking and progress report are also available to achieve the biggest possible breakthrough in healthy living.

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  5. 5

    Consistency Score to ensure commitment to the process

    Scores allow measuring user workload. The more actions users add to their routines, the more scores they get. They can check progress in numbers and decide if you need more efforts to put in.

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The technology stack used to provide the solution:

  • React native
  • In-app purchase
  • GraphQL Apollo
  • Readex


  • 1

    High-quality health and wellness app with a scalable architecture

  • 2

    Excellent user experience

  • 3

    Enhanced user convenience

  • 4

    A win-win for all the involved

  • 5

    High level of interaction between participants

  • 6

    A brand new approach to health and wellness

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