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IvorySoft’s Panda sets a new standard to dining and restaurants apps due to an elaborate and smart filtering system, powerful integrations with local services, and a customized approach to every user’s specific needs.

  • Industry:The foodservice industry
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  • Type of project:Mobile app development
  • Location:London, UK
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In the shoes of users…

The IvorySoft team behind the Panda project created a *powerful filtering system* to help users get exactly what they’d like to see on their plate. Here’s what they get:

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List of restaurants by location

After spotting the right restaurant, one can visit its profile in Panda, read the description, look through a menu and make an order. Or, ‘have a walk’ on the map and pick a restaurant next door. One can choose the dining place by *price, cuisine, working hours, rating.*

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What’s available in every particular restaurant
Users can check on meals, all categorized by daytime, price tags, the content, special offers. The cuisine is also tagged with food types, such as kosher, halal, organic, paleo, lactose-free, and other namings making a choice more specific and successful.
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Prevention from allergic foods

Are there any allergic individuals here? The system has their back here as well. Once users are registered in Panda and indicated food allergies, the system sends a notification every time a chosen meal contains a food allergy trigger. How convenient!

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Delivery and unique payment options

Panda allows to pick up meals at a time set by the user and pay by three methods available. Users can opt to pay on their own, share the bill, and pay… but a bit later, when they feel happy after a meal.

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The innovative payment methods approach that wins the hearts of UK users:

Pay - users can pay with a credit card or with Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Split - users can spread payments by people involved and pick the options - Equally or Manually.
Equally suggests cutting the bill equally between all the participants
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Manually means the initiator enters manually how much each individual contributes
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Once one clicks Pay

Once one clicks Pay, the system goes to Contacts to check who’s got Panda to confirm the withdrawal and pay for the meal. If someone does not have it, they get an SMS with the link to the Panda app on Google Play or Apple Store to download it and pay for the meal as required.

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Pay Later - users are allowed to pay later in the restaurant after having a meal. The option is available if the restaurant made it so within the Panda app.

You can pay later in the restaurant

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Reservation manipulations
Users can reserve a table, order meals to be served exactly at the time of coming to the place, and Invite guests. People invited will be notified and reminded about the meeting with all necessary details.
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In the shoes of restaurants…

The Panda app allows restaurants to set up the admin panel and benefit from multiple features provided:

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Orders monitoring

Restaurants can keep track of orders and even get insights into returning guests for marketing purposes. The order details include day and time, table number, delivery choice (pick up, etc.), bill status, and so on. Receipts can be downloaded.

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Restaurant’s presentation-wise description

Panda allows restaurants to register, add pics and descriptions, pick the relevant cuisine. In the case of a franchise, adding multiple places is absolutely possible. Access to a menu is available from the successful integration of the service Deliverect into the infrastructure of Panda.

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Powerful integrations for the users’ utter convenience

IvorySoft ‘mad devs’ did some smart integrations to provide the top-notch service in one place - efficiently and for the users’ quick gratification. Meet Deliverect, Opentable, and DesignMyNight.

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Deliverect is a Belgium-based order integration system that allows synchronizing menus, updating prices and offers, and selling orders through Panda’s point of sale.

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Opentable is a US-based provider of free, real-time reservation options and guest management solutions for dining places.

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DesignMyNight is a UK-based platform that allows users to tailor their night out according to their budget, preferable location, and the type of place they are after.

“IvorySoft’s Panda is the best mix of successful and workable eat-out ideas that make users as satisfied as it is possible.”
Denis Dunaievskiy, Senior Full-Stack Developer at IvorySoft
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Necessary business settings

Restaurants can add payments methods (like Paypal), use the Connect your Stripe account option, set service and pick up charges, and activate Pay Later for their customers. Execs can add staff working in a restaurant and look through payment history if needed.

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If you need to make the boldest ideas a flesh to provide more value to your customers or users, then IvorySoft is just it!
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