• IndustryCar sales/Auction
  • Timeline:Released Project
  • Type of project:Mobile & Web app development
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Meet the number one Asia-Pacific-based platform where anyone can buy or sell by the auction principle and enjoy win-win opportunities.

Mobile & Web App That Brings Car Buyers And Sellers Together

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  1. Create a mobile & web app based on a native Australian platform
  2. Keep the platform’s functionality and convenience
  3. Establish brand authenticity
  4. Drive candidates engagement

The number one auction-enabled platform that brings car buyers and sellers together.

**Pickles** is the largest Asia-Pacific auction marketplace that is fully embodied in the mobile and web app for the easiest access anytime and from anywhere.

It builds the bridge between governments, banks, insurers, car manufacturers, and the largest infrastructure and constructions companies in the region.

The platform includes offers of salvage, industrial equipment, machinery, and motor vehicles.

Bid, buy, or sell - and do it through:

  • live auctions: negotiate in real-time and make a deal
  • smart actions: set a sale time and, in the meantime, get beneficial bids until you agree on a deal
  • buy it now - set a fixed price and make a deal when you get it
The solution provided:
Based on the client's requirements, we provided expertise and built the following features:

Free online registration


Browse upcoming auctions, view item images and details


Participate in live sales and place real-time bids from anywhere in Malaysia


Access your purchase or sales history in one convenient location


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  1. Now available on mobile and web
  2. Amazing user convenience with full functionality from a mother-project
  3. Feature-rich platform for successful deals
  4. Excellent user experience and security
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